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“Excuse my French” and any other language

Parlez-vouz hot tees? Are you adroit at dropping F-bombs with as much creativity as you do everything else? How about covering your cool tattoos with an Inkaholik t-shirt that’s the ultimate statement of disdain? No translator required to wield French bombs: Just wear the shirt and let your chest speak for you. Huge, hot white letters against a field of black and with a sexy touch of red tucked into the ultimate F word, you’ll be read from a distance, so you don’t have to be in anybody’s face to get your message across.

Excuse my French comes in the requisite sizes that allow you to outfit everyone in your family if they’re Inkaholiks, and you don’t have to liquidate your stock portfolio to buy a bunch of them. Pair them with jeans or get a three-layer look beneath a jacket (that’s tattooed skin, t-shirt and your willingness to add a jacket for a special occasion). You know that your drawer full of t-shirts is going to take a back seat once you add an Excuse my French tee to your wardrobe, right? But you gotta wash it. Which is why we recommend buying two so you’re always ready to speak your mind.


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