Gold Digga


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“The Gold Digga”; the essence of flash and sass

Fly your freak flag in style wearing our gold foil-trimmed hoodie to the next event you attend so you grab attention from the get-go. It’s white, so no catsup-slathered burgers chowed down while you’re wearing it! Sizes run from small to 3X, but nobody will notice your physique when they check out your look. Why gold? Because even if you can’t afford to deck yourself out in pricey bling, you can still send a vibe that reminds everyone who sees you of Lil Wayne’s $150,000 grillz and Jay-Z’s jewelry stash.

Women wearing this stylish hoodie will get plenty of attention, too. Gold walked the runway for 2019, according to “Glamour” magazine, so incorporating this hoodie into an outfit could be the item you wear that turns heads. Get your hands on this affordable hoody and wear it with pride. Clubbing? Check. Skate park? Nah. This elegant style deserves a better environment! Where? Everywhere. Every age, too. Buy it for Dad and borrow it. Win-win situation.