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“Hot Sauce” on the side (and everywhere else)
Notice anything different about this tee? It’s fire engine red, an extreme departure from the black and white selections in Inkaholik’s growing library of inkwear and a definite pick for anyone eager to grab the stage. The Hot Sauce isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to want to make a statement about your passion for tattoos in a dramatic fashion and if you also happen to prefer most of your food splashed with hot sauce, this item has your name written all over it.

At Inkaholik, Mr. Colombia knows what tat wearers prefer so his design lines are peppered with originality—the kind you won’t find on store shelves or online because companies make t-shirts designed for the masses. You, on the other hand, are an original with a mind of your own and need to flaunt your proclivities—and that includes being a fan of body art and a willingness to shout your preferences loud and clear. Hot Sauce isn’t so much a wearable as a burning statement. Take care of it; this tee could be worth its weight in jalapenos and pesos some day!


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