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“Miami” redefines sweet
Quick: what comes to mind when you check out this t-shirt? If you’re not seeing honey bees swarming a hive, you don’t have enough tats on your body! You owe it to yourself to remedy that sooner rather than later. In the interim, this Inkaholik, logo-embellished tee will get you some sweet attention. It comes in all of the usual sizes and it’s the least expensive garment in our current collection, so if you’re still saving up for a A Gold Digga, this makes a great wardrobe starter. Besides, Honey showcases the tattoos on your arms, and that’s as sweet as it gets.

Building a wardrobe of Inkaholik wear gets off to a great start when you put a little Honey on it, and tee has everything going for it: hot colors, awesome art and a message that resonates with fellow tat fans. Putting a little honey on your body turns you into a yummmy flirt. Who knows what lies beyond the black and gold cloth that clings to your body? Your call: show it or not when you literally make Inkaholic your fav buzzword.


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