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“Raw” but willing to be tamed
Do you have what it takes to wear our black hoodie—the one known to make dudes look bad and a little dangerous, which may be the biggest reason you’re addicted to the tattoo art that decorates your body? Our Inkaholic logo says plenty about your taste in wearable art: it’s basic, cozy and so beautifully made, it’s going to be with you long after you’ve run out of skin to tattoo. Why do we call it Raw? Because Urban Dictionary defines the word as “unadulterated, hard core, serious, no kidding, no shit,” and who are we to disagree?

The Inkaholik Raw hoodie looks expensive, but it’s on sale, so you get to look outstanding without having to get a loan from Mom. Toss it on after a swim, wear it out when you hang with buds–just don’t let your pet get near it, unless you always have one of those clothing rollers in your backpack. Wear the brand that says you have it going on—both inside and out—and expect strangers to ask where you got your street wear. Here’s another bonus: Whether your bling is real or not so much, the background makes it stand out big time.



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