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“We Are” not defined by labels
How do you define yourself? Courageous? Risk-taker? Or are you edgy on the outside and kind on the inside? Whatever your MO, this t-shirt, with its’ creative explanation of the spirit that moved you when you snagged your first (or 12th) tat, sends a clear message: I play by my own rules, so a little respect. I’ll define myself, thank you very much. Showcase tattoos that extend beyond sleeve length and those that grace your neck and head areas. Get the color that matches your sensibilities: White, pink or blue.

No matter which you pick, the Inkaholik definition stands out. Sale prices allow you to stock up, so buy the trio and send a message at the gym or on the street. Is there such a thing as too many tees? Not these days; especially tees that tell your story. Do some subtle bragging about your passion for tattoos when you wear this garment or do that sexy thing: reveal your inner soul slowly and thoughtfully as you peel off your shirt to reveal your one-of-a-kind art gallery. What happens after the shirt’s off is your business, of course.


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